Trust in the Harper. The Harper is good.

Allow me to introduce myself, Seamus Zelazny Harper, super genius!

Seamus Zelazny Harper
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"Harper Historical Document 1.1: How I saved the future, the autobiography of Seamus Zelazny Harper. Now for reasons of his own, our captain, Dylan Hunt, has decided not to interfere in the Battle of the Witchead Nebula. Now while I respect his decision, I do not share in his evaluation of the situation. Therefore, I have decided to take matters into my own hands. After blinding Andromeda's internal sensors, I have begun to modify key systems of her power core. These modfications, when complete, will allow me to cause a single cataclysmic explosion in the nebula. Note to sculptors. Statues of me should look wise, concerned. I suggest posing me with a sodering wand over my head like a sword. To summarize, genius, young, somewhat good looking engineer sets trap. Nietzscheans arrive. Nietzscheans go boom! And everybody lives happily ever after. Harper out."

Disclaimer: I don't own Harper or Andromeda. This is for fun only. No harm is intended.